It was mid-summer 1999 when I started making videos, tinkering with computers, and toying with cameras.

I had no idea what it would all grow into..

Fast forward to the present and I’ve been working as a digital designer and videographer for nearly a decade. After attending the digital design program at the Vancouver Film School in 2008, I’d found my stride working as a motion designer and playback artist for film and television. Filling digital sets with graphics and animation for movies such as Transformers, The Interview, and Escape From Planet Earth.

Because spending more time behind the lens was always a priority, stepping away from motion graphics led to a world of event coverage, large scale editing projects, and working closely with clients to achieve high quality visual results for video.

Experience with video, audio, and graphic production has left me confident in my craft and always eager to work on something new.

Currently I works as a freelance videographer and editor on a range of projects.